About us

Díaz Reyes & Asociados is a firm of Public Accountants and Business Administrators. It began thirty-five years ago under the name of Asesoría Empresarial y Servicios Administrativos (AESA), changing to its current name twenty-three years ago with the merger of new partners. Its founding partners were Mr. Julio Cesar Díaz and Mr. Livio Díaz.

Its social organization is that of a Civil Society, since the responsibilities of the partners go beyond the contributions to the capital of the same.

The firm has lived and shared the information needs at the different strategic levels of almost all economic activities, considering the common denominator the availability of information in a timely and reliable way to facilitate the making of right decisions; A need that is heightened by the challenge of developing as a company of global competition, due to the process of globalization to which Guatemala is immersed. In order to meet this challenge, it is necessary to modernize the information systems, the forms of administration, the use of technology to produce goods and services, and diversify in the way of serving their clients, in order to achieve total satisfaction.

Our structure includes more than 70 full-time people.