Economy Information

Tipo de Cambio  In this link you can find the exchange rate for the day, as well as a historical exchange rate of the Quetzal with respect to other currencies.
Indicadores Monetarios y Crediticios  Important information to analyze exchange rate and credit policy.
Estadísticas Ecónomicas de Guatemala Information on Inflation, National Accounts, Trade Balance, etc.

Tax Information

Calendario Tributario Mensual  Important dates in the tax maturity date in Guatemala.
Principales Leyes Tributarias In Guatemala In electronic files the Law of VAT, Income Tax, Tax Stamps, Anti-Evasion Law, etc.
Legislación Aduanera The majority of customs laws can find them in this link.
Cálculo de Multas e Intereses Link so you can calculate the fines and interest on tax returns submitted to us.
Criterios del Directorio de la SAT The resolutions of the SAT Board help to clarify criteria in the application of taxes in Guatemala. It is therefore important to know your resolutions.

Laws in Guatemala

Leyes Constitucionales The laws of higher hierarchy in the legal order in Guatemala can be found in this link.
Leyes Ordinarias  The most important ordinary laws in Guatemala.

News of Guatemala

Prensa Libre
Siglo XXI
El Periódico

Tourist Information

Información para Turistas Guatemala is a beautiful country, visit and discover it.
Tours, Lugares para Visitar, Hoteles  There is a great variety and for all economies.

Career Information

Colegio de Contadores Públicos y Auditores de Guatemala
Instituto de Contadores Públicos y Auditores de Guatemala