The following values ​​have been the column of the application of our knowledge, technique and technology, for over 30 years of service, rendered through a team of professionals who strive to develop activities with enthusiasm and efficiency:

  • Responsibility We understand that our responsibility is first with Guatemala, trying to create jobs so that our compatriots can live better and advising companies so that they prosper and the standard of living in general is better. Then with our families, since they depend on our effort. With the companies we serve, they trust us and expect a positive result from our work. With our collaborators, trying to provide competitive wages and the tools that allow them to better develop their work. We understand and accept that responsibility entails effort to make things better every day.
  • Honesty Our work is carried out with attachment to truth and justice, understanding also that truth is only one and that it does not depend on people, situations or consensuses.
  • Veracity We have a complete attachment to the truth and we are not afraid to show it in all areas of our professional practice.
  • Professional Ethics We understand, accept and practice the Code of Ethics of the Association of Public Accountants and Auditors of Guatemala. We conduct our professional practice with respect to Ethics, which commits us to the common welfare and to know and respect the concepts of integrity, objectivity, independence, responsibility, confidentiality, competence and professional updating and respect among colleagues.